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Top 4 tips for repairing/preventing hair damage!


Damage Control

Whether it’s due to overexposure to the sun or bleach and heat tools used over the Summer, come Fall time our hair tends to need a lot of TLC! If your hair is feeling brittle, or if you want to prep your hair for the cold and dry seasons ahead, we’ve got you covered!

Repairing and preparing for possible hair damage takes patience, consistency and great products! Luckily our team of professionals have curated a collection of products, tips and techniques perfect for helping you keep your hair in tip top shape!

  1. Don’t wait for damage to do something about it!

A professional tip for keeping bouncy, moisturized hair year around is to treat damage before it arrives. Using health restoring hair products, made to treat heat or color damaged hair, will prep your hair with the protein needed to keep your hair durable! Our professionals have been recommending Shu Uemura’s Ultimate Reset line! This new line is packed with powerful restoring ingredients that leave hair strong and purified without weighing it down! This technique of pre-damage control is ideal for someone who finds themselves using heat tools on most days, using dyes or bleach on their hair, or someone who experiences extreme brittleness during colder seasons. If any of these sounds like you: you may not have much damage currently, but you could use the health insurance!


2.Less heat, less damage.

Cutting out heat tools sounds like a great idea… until you wake up with a bad hair situation. It’s so easy to grab our blow dryers and curling irons for quick fixes, but the heat adds up! Trading in the iron in for a heatless hairstyle just a couple times a week gives you more time before you need to book your next haircut (damage cut) appointment! Take advantage of the days you go heatless and style with your favorite a leave-in conditioner!  These small tweaks make a huge difference in the long term verdure of your hair. We guarantee it.

If you need ideas for heatless hairstyles, check out our Butterfly Tutorials blog posts where we constantly add simple beauty tutorials from our professionals, many of which are heatless and achieved in under 10 minutes!   


3.You know what they say, blondes have more...damage? Keep your products color safe.

Going blonde in the Summer is always exciting! Keeping your blonde hair healthy after Summer takes a bit more work! But it can be done! One of the most important steps to keeping bleached hair healthy throughout the Fall/Winter is to make sure your products are color-safe! One of our most trusted lines, Oribe has created a product that makes sure your favorite styling products are safe for color treated hair. Oribe’s Power Drops are three revolutionary highly-concentrated hair serums that allow you to personalize your styling products and target your specific hair needs! The Color Preservation Booster serum is amazing for those of us hoping to preserve our color this Fall/Winter. It’s formulated with vitamin C, bioflavonoids and quinoa protein. With just a few drops (3-4) of this elixir you’ll be one step closer to healthy blonde hair 365 days a year!


4.The oldest trick in the book: hair masks!

As the weather gets arid and brisk, deep conditioning masks are your best friends! More specifically, hydrating hair masks! Moisturized hair is healthy hair. period. Quench your hair with one of our most beloved masks for hydration, Kerastase Nutritive Masquintense. This nourishing treatment targets dry or sensitive hair.

How often should you be using a mask? How long should you leave it in your hair? How can you avoid a mask weighing your hair down and making it greasy!?    4A. Simple. Listen to your hair. Everyone’s hair needs vary, and sometimes your own hair needs might change periodically. If you feel your hair is extremely brittle and lifeless, try leaving the mask in overnight for intense hydration! You can also apply the product, braid your hair and go about your day. (Go to the gym, do laundry and rinse it out a few hours later!) This technique will provide the best results! If your hair is not at it’s driest, and you’re mostly hoping to prevent dryness rather than repair it, leave the mask on for the duration of your shower or bath. Apply the mask, cover the hair with a shower cap, run a bath and relax for 15-20 minutes. Hydrated/ healthy hair will never be easier to ensure! (plus this is a cheeky way to add in some extra “me time”)

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Don’t be afraid of your hair damage. Butterfly’s got your back!