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New Year, New (Good) Habits!

As we welcome in the New Year, we revisit our beauty and wellness goals. Nothing ignites change like a fresh start. Let’s start the new year off with some of our Butterfly Beauty Resolutions- and the good, daily habits we hope to start in order to achieve them! Follow along with our favorite beauty experts. Then, add your goals down below!

Brow and Makeup Specialist, Tedrick Lamar hopes to commit to yoga 2019. Refining his physical, while pushing himself beyond his comfort zone has hit the top of his to do list.

Color Specialist and L’Oreal Pro educator, Min Kim is ready to let her brows grow out in 2019! Her plan is to microblade and finally put down the tweezer to achieve a full, trendy “boy brow”. She also is committing to drinking more water! Forcing herself to drink even she isn’t thirsty is the next challenge she’ll be taking on!

Colorist, Anastasia Georgas knows that 2019 is year for sleep! Getting enough sleep is a beauty and wellness habit that many of us overlook. There are so many temptations to stay up on our smartphones, scrolling through apps or binge watching our favorite Netflix shows. Anastasia is ready to take on the challenge by going to bed half hour earlier than usual each night until she gradually becomes accustom to a full night’s sleep. One of her tricks for getting to sleep earlier is to not sleep with her phone at arm’s reach. By placing her phone to charge overnight on the opposite side of her bedroom, she hopes to fight the temptation to scroll aimlessly and catch a few more z’s.

Expert Colorist, Tamara DeFelice is looking to refine the physical, mental and emotional balance in her life. She explains how she’s been notorious for having an all or nothing complex in order to achieve her goals, but found herself reverting to old habits quickly. “I’m going to drink a green juice in the morning so I can have that slice of pizza for lunch- that’s balance.” - DeFelice on her new year’s resolution.

Hair Stylist, Melanie Estaban usually ignores her incoming greys afraid that if she plucked or dyed them it would make “aging” official. This year she is quitting the denial and dying her roots! She is taking control of her hair one grey at a time.

Makeup and Editorial Beauty Specialist, Francesca Roman wants to focus on skincare in the new year. Roman had this to say about her resolution, “My current skincare routine worked wonders for me in the past, but skin changes. I have to refine my routine and focus on what my skin is asking for now.” She goes on to explain the importance of skincare and how great skin is pivotal to looking and feeling your best.

Colorist, Raluca Dobbos is dedicating 2019 to perfecting a wing liner! Although she’s covered meticulous painting strokes as a trained colorist, mastering a winged liner has not been any easier. She will commit to the trial and error until she’s winged out.

Hair Stylist and Costume Makeup Specialist, Julian Guerrero wants to work on his flexibility, both physically and mentally. Guerrero explains how he keeping up a fast paced, highly active lifestyle has taken a toll on his muscles. He explains that he would like to focus on keeping his body limber through tense times.

Senior Hair Stylist, Stacey Guerra will be working on her physical health. She plans to implement more physical activities into her daily routine. The goal is to lose a few lbs and gain energy!

Hair Stylist, Jennifer Penny is excited to welcome a new member of her family in 2019. After pregnancy, however she wants to focus on repairing her skin. She has already started dry brushing and she wants to learn new healing regimens.

Hair Stylist, Kelly Finneran is dedicating her new year to strengthening her core! She wants to gain all of the health benefits including protecting her inner organ and central nervous system. She also hopes to correct her posture.

Hair Stylist, Dana Tizzio spent 2018 trying out many workout classes and techniques for getting healthy. In 2019 Tizzio wants to commit to one workout class. She wants to take Barr Method at least 3 times a week. Committing to a class should inspire her to feel part of a community that supports each other and inspires change.

General Manager, Adlin Palencia is changing her outlook on working out! She spent the month December doing a 30 day workout challenge, in which she found 30 minutes in each day to exercise. This challenge isn’t going to end with the year. “Whether it’s a full on gym session or a 30 minute walk to work, I will make sure to get a workout in everyday!” - Palencia on her habits for the new year!

Manager, Tisa Wright is going into 2019 with new goals for her skin! Her new beauty habit includes monthly facials and an intensive nightly skincare routine. Tisa spent much of 2018 testing out new skin products until she found those that worked best for her. She wants to ensure that she is clearing her face of impurities while working on the moisture and elasticity of her skin. 2019 is all about great, glowy skin!

Hair Expert, Jill Engelson is focusing her skin care in the new year. She has been interested in retexturizing her skin for a smoothness and radiance. Engelson has set up appointments for skin lasering sessions at Laseraway in NYC. Glowy, youthful skin will always be trending.

Senior Stylist, Dana Marcobici is going to work on implementing more “me time” into her daily routine. After a stressful year, in which she was overwhelmed by her work schedule and unpleasant surprises in her personal life, Dana is deciding to make self care a priority. Her new habits will include booking facials, and massages.

Stylist, Jalia Johnson wants to re-awaken her creative side! She is constantly creating hair masterpieces on the floor at Butterfly Studio, but she hopes to start crafting on her personal time. Jalia plans to learn to crochet. She’s also going to invest in some intricate pieces and explore jewelry making. The goal this year is to keep those creative juices flowing!


We want to hear from you! What are your beauty and/or wellness goals for 2019? Share your plans down below and let’s hold each other accountable for our glow up!

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